Our brands


Over 70 years have passed since the Swedish founder of Tylö built his first sauna heater. We are proud of our heritage - solid traditions in craftmanship, profound knowledge and Scandinavian legacy.


Helo has brought health and wellbeing to people all over the world for more than 100 years, since the start in 1919. With innovative technology, smart functionality and beautiful design, the Helo sauna product elevates the everyday sauna experience.


Wood burning heaters from Kastor, are renowned for its world-class quality products. The company Kastor Oy, was founded in the winter of 1916 and is the oldest sauna brand in Finland.


For centuries, the Finnish people have known sauna improved their health. Now, numerous medical studies prove the health & wellness benefits of sauna: from cardiovascular and brain health to faster recovery after workouts.


At Amerec, we understand the quality of your steam and sauna experience is directly related to the quality of the products we design. Since every home is different, every life is different and every dream is different, we focus on finding the optimal solution based on your specific requirements.

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